Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This week

Tonight after a bath, the kids were reading their latest 'Nan' book about the First Christmas.  Aaron is beginning to sit through stories a little bit longer.  Well more so for the Nana books than for when we read to him, but we take what we can get.  He likes books...he brings them to us to read and says, Book!

So last night I posted to FB that I think Grace was sleep walking.  It was about 3am and I was dead asleep and Kayla gave one bark. Of course I was instantly awake and my door was cracked so I could see Grace's light on in her room and she was coming into the hall.  I realized that Kayla was just barking at Grace because she wasn't used to her getting up at 3am.  I also realized that Kayla still had her hot collar on (so she could've barked more if she really was startled).  I got up and asked Grace what she was doing and she told me Kayla barked and woke her up.  I asked her if she had a bad dream, because the other night she was yelling and crying in her sleep and calling for me.  And I thought she was awake then, but she wasn't, because she wasn't acknowledging me.  That night she just ended up laying back down and going to sleep.  She just kept telling me that Kayla's barking woke her up.  So I took her potty and I went too of course and then she wanted to sleep with me.  And so since I was dead tired I had her just get into bed on K's side.  After all he isn't here.  Then of course I was hot and couldn't breathe because the baby was all up in my lungs. 
Aaron fussed once but stayed asleep during all that and he actually slept until about 7:30 and then played quietly until 8am.  Which was great! I needed that sleep.
I did discover that he is in fact finally getting his 4th bottom tooth.  So now he has 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom and 2 top molars. 

Look at those grins!

K has been gone 4 days now and we are doing pretty good.  My girlfriend came over last night with her kids and we all had pancakes and scrambled eggs.  Happy kids=quiet dinner time =happy moms!  Then we unclogged my toilet.  Yesterday I had a cleaning lady come over and clean my house for 4 hours.  It has made this week more relaxing knowing my house is cleaned.  Among other things she did both upstairs bathrooms and mopped my floors, which were on my list of things needed to be done, but that I absolutely did not have the desire or energy to do. 

My organizing has been slowing down a bit.  I am almost finished with the guest space and K's office.  I have a bunch of things I want to put on Ebay to sell and hopefully make some money while getting it out of the house. 
It snowed really snowed!  I was glad I was driving home from work, because it was like 5pm..BAM! Almost a white out!  After I put the kids to bed it looked like it had stopped but we got a good 3-4 inches and I think they said on the radio that the storm would be in effect until Friday morning.  Of course Grace was excited, I told her maybe she could play in it tomorrow and she replied, "Yeah and I can eat it!"  Only fresh clean snow...

So I took a couple of baby bump pictures tonight.  I have a feeling that this little girl is going to be tiny.  When I look at just my belly, I don't think it looks very big.  I guess I do have about a month left to still get bigger.  Of course I don't really want to get bigger I already feel huge.  I already can't get in and out of bed, or put my socks on, or dress the kids, or breathe very easily.  My pelvic bones pop all the time.  I am definitely at the stage where I am counting down the days, but at the same time I am nervous to have 3 babies.  One minute I am like, "I can't wait to not be pregnant anymore!"  Then the other minute I am like, but am I going to be so crazed when she comes!

This Saturday I will be 33 weeks!  So I need to get some updated baby bump pictures uploaded.  What do you all think?  Do I look like there is a tiny little girl in there or a typical 7-8lb baby of mine in there?

Well time to get off the computer! Night!

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Beth said...

You look beautiful mama! I'd have to compare some pics of you with both Aaron and Grace to tell for sure...and you're right you do have a few more weeks to go!