Monday, February 27, 2012

Cute Kids Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!

Took these pictures last Thursday before my OB appointment.  I have been trying to do new stuff with Grace's hair to get her bangs out of her face.  She loves playing with playdoh too.  I used to be more regimented with keeping the playdoh colors separate.   However after a good playgroup convo a few months ago, I realized that the quiet time that comes with Grace playing with the playdoh however she wants is totally worth mixed colors!   

 Daddy helping out (and being silly) before we left. 

 My little bear is getting so big!
 Where did it go??

 He loves to push the button on the water bottle.

 I grabbed a couple of suckers when we left the OB appointment and Aaron was enjoying his blueberry DumDum.
 Being silly with his these guys!!!!!!!!!
 Sweet girl eating her Dum Dum sucker.
Had a great day today.  Aaron did wake up at 630 again but I got his lion and he stayed quiet until 7am.  Then he snuggled in bed with me until Grace got up, so it wasn't quite as early of a morning as yesterday.  Aaron was fussy this morning though, I think he may be getting another tooth or molar.  After a relaxing morning we headed out to the grocery store and then dropped some things off for a friend of mine who lives right by the grocery so it was convenient.  Grace and Aaron played with her friend for a little but while we caught up, then it was back home with lunch and a late nap.  After naps we got in the car and headed over to a girlfriends house for dinner.  The kids were so behaved and a joy to bring with me and they ate a good dinner too!  We left late, but the kids had a great time and Aaron wasn't acting fussy in fact he was pretty darn cute, throwing his head around and saying, "Bonk!" I did give him some teething tablets before we left because he was fussy after nap.  All in all a great Monday that felt like a Tuesday!

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