Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Girls Night and Valentines Day Treats

Saturday night K watched the kiddos and I headed out to dinner with the girls.  We went to Buca Di Beppo since we hadn't been there in awhile.  We had a good time and chit chatted before running over to Michaels to roam their aisles without any kidlets attached to us. 

 Tuesday morning I let the kids open their Valentines Day card that their great grandparents sent.  Grace got a Tinkerbell card and was thrilled, then she saw the lil bit of cash that was stashed inside and exclaimed, "Money!"  She was after her 3 yr checkup with the pediatrician, we headed over to a local pastry shop and let her pick out some treats.  She wanted the bismark donut not the pink cookie.  She loves putting money in her piggy bank and we talk about what the money is called and how many there are.  She did so good at her appointment.  She still weighs 32 pounds.  The Dr. looked in her ears for her tubes.  Her left one is still in place but the right one is in the canal, so we might see it come out.  I might call her Ear Nose and Throat Dr and talk with him about swimming lessons, but her pediatrician was ok with it because at this age they aren't really diving down under water.  We will see when it gets a little warmer.  But we also talked about potty training and I asked him some suggestions about getting rid of the night time diaper.  In the morning she has the fullest diaper ever..and she really isn't drinking a lot right before bed.  I mean she can for sure at times but generally doesn't.  So we talked about having her go during the day at certain times so she can get used to feeling her bladder mostly empty and reminding her that she can wake up and go potty if she feels she has too.  It definitely has been a struggle getting her to go when she doesn't want to.  She threw herself  a ripe little tantrum tonight before bed, kicking her legs on the toilet and everything! Oiy!  But on the bright side she has had a nap all this week with no diapers and only had an accident yesterday and I know she did drink a ton of it was not surprise that she woke up in a mess.  She also got a vaccination yesterday and did so well!  She didn't even cry and she was so brave, I was so proud of her! 
 Aaron eating his half of his cookie...can you tell he was having a fit before hand.  He has been so SUPER whiny and cranky the last couple of days.  I can only guess that he is teething and isn't feeling well.  Last night he woke up a bunch of times, and just fussed and fussed.  And he just wants me to hold him all the time, or have his way all the time.  But unfortunately I can't hold him 24/7, my belly is just too big, and I am too tired and he is too big and then I would get nothing done.  He is getting better about saying, "Up" when he wants me to pick him up and I do.  He was so cute playing with Grace in her kitchen tonight.  He was taking the ice cream cones and using them as cups at the refrigerator and 'filling them with water'.  He had the biggest grin feeding me water. 

 Grace enjoying her donut, I think she just ate the chocolate off, but it was her treat.
 Look at that face.  Since I have been growing her bangs out, I have to make sure I either put some barrettes in her hair or do it up in some pony tails or something and I tell her it's so I can see her beautiful face.  So now she tells me, "Mom I have a pony tail like you, you can see my beautiful face!" or "Mom I can see your beautiful face too!" 
It was nice not having dance class at the rec center yesterday and she still has dance class tomorrow and Jo will pick her up.  She still seems to be enjoying the class. 
I have been nesting and organizing still.  Trying to get the downstairs picked up and cleaned out.  Got the linen closet all organized and want to attack it with my label maker but need to find the refill for it.  Worked on the guest bedroom space on Monday and have that almost to come.  Just trying to get K's office space organized for him.  Big Brother;s and Sister left a flyer about a pick up day for donations which totally came in handy this Friday morning, so I have most everything cleared out just need to go out to the curb Thursday night.  Makes it easier for me so I don't have to make another stop and load the car and gets it out of my house. 
Looking forward to getting the house all ready to have 3 young babes and looking forward to summer when I can get out with the kids and be more active. 
K's foot has been getting better and doesn't hurt him so much anymore so that is good and I can't wait to have him back on Saturday night.  My foot was a little bit better today, although I think I need to stay off of it.  I notice that it feels normal when I am not walking around on it so much, but when I am up and down the stairs and back and forth down the hall it hurts.  My weeks are just flying by and I can't believe that tomorrow is Thursday!  I have a busy day planned tomorrow so I better get to bed soon!  Hope you all are having a good week!!

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Beth said...

So glad you had a nice girls night out! That last pic of Grace is just too cute! Hope Bubba feels better soon, poor little guy.