Tuesday, February 21, 2012


We did a lil bit of painting last week when Daddy was gone.  Grace loves painting now and last week at playgroup she painted a little wooden birdhouse we got for a dollar.  Of course Aaron is still a lil young but we gave it a shot.  Found out yesterday that K didn't have MRSA after all, he had Group B Strep infection in his foot, but since the antibiotics were more generalized it is cleared up now. 
I was relieved to hear it wasn't MRSA, although Group B is just as mysterious and was just as serious since it was almost blood born or was or whatever.  Glad he is better now.  Thank the Lord. 
Aaron has had a little bug I think. 
  His little bottom has been on fire and last night he woke up a few times just crying and then screaming when we changed him.  I decided to check him just in case at 3:30am this morning even though it didn't smell stinky in the room and sure enough he had a poopy.  Poor boy screamed his lungs out, but then we rocked for a little while after I slathered him in Desitin.  Then he woke up with a huge blowout that Daddy changed this morning, worst in a long time apparently.  However, he went until dinner time with no more poopies.  I also picked up some Culterelle at Rite Aid and found that Yoplait makes a lactose free yogurt.  He LOVES yogurt, so that was such a bonus because of the live cultures in the yogurt and not messing his system up more,(hopefully) because he can't have a lot of diary.  He also has been really picky eater lately.  Which makes fighting the bug hard because I want him to have more protein and less fiber.  He likes fiber, he loves bread and fruit and hasn't been eating the meat, so he has been a hard one.  Lots of scrambled eggs for breakfast. :)
My technique for meal times is that they can have choices for breakfast and lunch but they have to eat what I cook for dinner.  If they don't like it then they don't eat dinner.  And 99% of the time they eat what I make them for breakfast and lunch as well.  For instance I will make them both the same sandwich for lunch and cut it in half for them to share.  And then give them a choice of what fruit they want or avocados or carrots.  Funny thing too, neither one of them likes to dip carrots in ranch.  But Aaron keeps trying..he sees me eat carrot sticks with some ranch and gestures that he wants to dip his carrot in it, but then makes a face and gets annoyed after tasting the ranch and tries wiping it off on his cup or tray. 
We were really proud of Grace on Sunday night, the kids also don't like re fried beans (too much like their daddy) (I hoping the last one will! lol) so we had gone to a new Mexican food place and had asked for double rice instead of rice and beans.  They brought the beans on the plate anyways and Grace tried them again all on her own! She of course spit them out, but we praised her for trying something again that she didn't like.  I can't complain too much because she eats brussel sprouts and asparagus like a champ!!

I made bread again today, it didn't rise very much at all.  K sure has the baking bread touch, but I did add honey like he said and it was much tastier although still dense.  I don't think I will have a problem gobbling it down at breakfast though.  Grace was such a helper cleaning up the toys tonight and she has been so on top of her manners lately.  So proud of my girl.  Aaron has been so cute with his speaking.  He says so much, he knows Uh Oh now and the other day he heard the neighbors dog barking when we were coming in, he kept say Dog! Dog!  Also he has been getting better at waving bye bye and loves saying Da Da and looking for K when he comes home. 
He is still stingy with his kisses and won't give us a kiss unless K and I kiss each other first and make a game out of it. Another thing he is getting so good at is holding my hand in the parking lot!  Such a big boy!  But he is still clingy at dinner time it seems.  Not sure what that is about, but he mastered a Kung Fu grip on my legs.  I sure hope he grows out of it before little sister is born, although he likes helping when I cook dinner.  I can sit them both on the counter to watch me cook at the stove and they do pretty good.  I will definitely need a bigger kitchen when I have 3 helpers who want up!
I hope the housing market improves more by then!!!! LOL!!!
Time for me to jump off the computer-NIGHT!

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