Thursday, February 16, 2012

Running Around Day

Last night I decided that today would be our running around day, well I guess more so than the rest of the days this week.  So since we had to go to the soy or regular milk, I decided to just get the kids  dressed and grab breakfast on the road so we could get home sooner.  First we ran to WalMart toget my favorite plastic tubs by Sterilite.  Lots of places sell that brand but I like the particular ones WalMart has, because of the handles and lids.  So we grabbed 2 of those for the kids train sets they got for Christmas and some Cadbury Creme Eggs...yes I snuck those in!
Then we headed over to the eye clinic were we get Briggs's eye drops.  It was kind of out of the way but I wasn't sure what time they opened this morning so we hit WalMart first.  But boy was I TIRED driving over there.  Seriously I was zapped I was using the cruise control a lot because I couldn't bother to keep my foot on the gas.  I think it has something to do with squinting a lot too, because I forgot my sunglasses.  In any event I wasn't feeling quite as tired by the time I got to the grocery store and we busted out our groceries and got home to make lunch. 

(On a side note, why is it, that as soon as I sit down to type a blog post, this little girl decides to kick me in my bladder???  Really!)
Lunch and then naps which both kids only had a so so nap.  But Grace did well with having dry pants.  She however has been naughty playing with the toilet paper.  Which is weird because I don't expect that of her..she never really made huge messes with the TP and the toilet when she was younger. I took a shower and a nap while they napped and it was good although way too short.

Grace and I had oatmeal for dinner and then she got picked up for dance class.

Aaron ate a decent dinner but he has had a bad diaper rash today and so he got a bath while Grace was gone and then they both went to bed early. I can't believe how fast my weeks are going by...I can't wait for K to be done traveling.  I think once he is here for when little sister gets here, my days will slow down. 
So far I haven't heard any news about my glucose test...I am considering calling them tomorrow...but then I won't.   After all I am scheduled for every 2 weeks now, so my next appointment is this Thursday. 
Tomorrow I don't have too much planned just wrapping up the organizing.  I would like to get K's office all set for him before he gets home on Saturday..but we will see.  I do need to do some laundry....

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Beth said...

Hugs and kisses to MY baby girl. YOU! You are such a good mama and wifey. I am so proud of you!