Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Yesterday I made bread.  Here is our 5 gallon bucket of wheat.  Yes we have 5 gallons of hard white wheat. LOL We bought this back before we had kids, and the grinder attachment that goes with our Bosch mixer.  So we learned how to make a yummy multi grain bread.  The funny thing is K has been the one who has made bread the last 4-5 times so it took me a little longer yesterday.  However I did make it, I just don't have a picture of it! I know, I know.  But believe me it wasn't really pretty to look at.  It tasted alright, although K has definitely gotten better at making bread than me.  But I took some to playgroup this morning and plan on making more after we finish our loaves we have.

 Grace played with her Play-Doh while I made bread.  Notice the TuTu over her pajamas?  She is so precious, she always asks me if she can put her TuTu on. 
 Just another picture of Aaron from before, but I do have to share a story about him.  Tonight he was so cute, I was changing his diaper and getting his pj's on and he had this little play camera that just clicks when you push the button.  But he was putting it to his face and saying cheese!  Then when he saw his Dinosaur pj's I had from him that his Grandma Krissy sent him, he growled.  The kids have a couple of plastic dinosaur figures and he loves them and growls and thinks he is so funny.  What a boy!  We had play group this morning and I was kind of tired and running late this morning, but was glad we headed over there because I felt better for going.  It's so nice to have good friends to do that, huh?
I asked K to help with dinner tonight, we all needed a home cooked meal and we had some chicken that needed cooking and he basically cooked the whole thing!  Which I totally appreciated because this belly of mine is serious getting in the way these days.  When I change Aaron, when I do the dishes, putting on socks, holding but soon soon she will be here. 

Tomorrow I have my glucose test (boo) at the dr and I am going to try to fast and I am praying that I don't have to do the 3 hour glucose test. 
We sold our air brush gun we had on Ebay and I plan on selling more of our stuff that we haven't been using.  Also this Monday is Bulk Trash day and then the following Friday is a donation day pickup, so some more stuff will be leaving the house.  K leaves Monday for another week of training and he will come back to his house changed more!!! LOL
Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!!

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Beth said...

I am such a fan of that bread! So good! Give the babies love from Memaw!