Sunday, February 12, 2012

Prayer Request:

Hey Everyone...So I just wanted to pop in and give my people a quick update.  Yesterday K went to his sister's clinic and found out he has infection on his pinky toe that is probably MRSA again.  You may or may not remember 2 years ago while I was pregnant with Aaron we were dealing with the ugly Staph infection.  K had a lil bit on his thigh, Grace had an teeny infection on her knuckle and I ended up getting one on my back after Aaron was born.  We all had to have antibiotics in one way or another.  It's a serious business this MRSA.  I am hoping that the test results come back that its not MRSA, but he is currently on the strong antibiotics to get rid of it.  When he went in, they said that it was blood born (whatever that means exactly) and he had a red racing stripe going up his foot and ankle.  I guess it can lead up to your chest and heart which is very bad news. 

Unfortunately, K can get bad eczema on his heels and they crack and peel and that is why he doesn't notice it until it's really bad.  Because when his feet break out, sometimes a crack can be painful, its hard to differentiate between pain from a bad eczema break out and pain because his foot is falling apart. 

On top of it he is heading to Rhode Island tomorrow early and will be in for a week of training, some long days and long traveling.  Nobody likes traveling away from their family if they can help not to mention being on antibiotics and the fun that goes with that.  He is taking ibuprofen for the pain and that seems to help, but it can start throbbing once that wears off and putting shoes on and off is a pain as well. 

On top of that I think I did pull a muscle or bruise the bottom of my left foot while in Vegas.  I remember stepping funny and feeling it kind of pull and go flatter and hurting but then this week it seemed ok.  That was until Friday, I don't know if being pregnant and all the walking around cleaning I did on Friday made it worse, but I feel pretty gimpy for sure.  If I stay off of it it doesn't hurt, but definitely putting weight on it, makes it hurt more.  (Kinda of a bummer because I really wanted to wear my new boots last night for girls night!) Saturday and Sunday it has been hurting for sure. 

So I hate to be a bearer of bad news, but that is some stuff we are dealing with here.  The kids are great, Aaron is talking more and pointing a lot.  Grace is telling me a lot about her emotions these days and lil sister, well, she is still kicking me like she is a master at Kung Fu. 

Please say a quick prayer that everybody gets healed quickly and this whole MRSA thing goes away fast! Hope you all had a great weekend...just enjoying the fire myself right now. :) 

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