Sunday, March 25, 2012

36 Weeks this weekend

So I don't have any pictures from this weekend but I figured I better do a post.  I have noticed that I tend to not post if I don't have any pictures and I want to remember more so I better write even if I don't have any pictures to post. 

Saturday we got up and had breakfast...Daddy slept in because he stayed up way to late playing his game.  And since he doesn't really do that, that often I let him sleep.  Also he won't be having much of those nights soon anyways, and I told him I need him to be fresh as a daisy for when little sister comes.  :)  After he got up and got dressed we headed out to Costco. Needed to get some more toilet paper and such while they still had the coupons out.  After Costco we headed out to Cafe Zupas for some sandwiches and salad.  It's a gourmet, soup, salad and sandwich place.  It is super delicious although kinda of pricey, although we got the kids chicken strips this time instead of the grilled cheese (they weren't really a fan of) and they ate all the chicken strips and fruit cups.  So I was glad for that.  Because lately it seems you get them something that they want to eat and then they don't really eat it, and I end up thinking, "Why did I even bother?"

After lunch we headed over to the hospital to preregister for when I deliver little sister.  Then we decided since we were there with the kids we would go up to Labor and Delivery and show Grace and check it out ourselves.  I had forgotten that they had remodeled the post partum rooms and they were nice, especially the bathrooms.  There was one baby in the nursery and they have a little step for the siblings to be able to see into the nursery.  Grace liked it.

Back home for naps that didn't really happen, so we ended up having a lazy afternoon watching Cinderella.  Grace was a HUGE fan.  She hadn't seen it before and she is getting so into the princess stuff lately.  She has a Belle dress up dress that she loves to put on over her clothes and her Tinkerbell costume too.  After the movie she put on her Belle dress and danced with Daddy around and around and kept asking him if he liked her glass slippers.  It's funny because I didn't really think she would get into all that stuff at first but she is, and she loves lip gloss and chapstick too!  She is so polite, if she sees some of my lip gloss she will ask if she can wear some, so sweetly.  And even when I say no, she is very sweet about it. 

This morning Aaron woke us up early, and I was feeling really sore.  Typically I feel sore and stiff in my inner thighs and pelvis when I wake up but then feel better as I walk around changing diapers and making breakfast.  But this morning it was not going away, and church was a little uncomfortable, with their folding chairs.  After church we grabbed a quick bite to eat so we could get home and get a pork shoulder in the crock pot for carnitas.  My girlfriend was coming over for dinner with her son and he and Grace and Aaron had a blast playing outside and in.  It was nice we just had the doors and open and although we had some cloud cover it was plenty warm in the 70's.  It was nice to gab while the kiddos played and K was a gem and took care of cooking and cleaning while I relaxed on the couch talking.  Probably best though because I have been having a lot of sciatic nerve pain when I walk and it just shoots down my butt and kills me!  I feel like the biggest gimp and I think  scared Grace a bit yesterday because I had some bad ones while I was getting Cinderella on.  Poor kid, she was like, "Mommy you ok?"  "Yeeeeppp." Thru gritted teeth.  :)

The other pain in the butt has been the heartburn.  It doesn't matter what I eat or especially drink, if I do it too much I get heartburn.  With the other kids I could drink juice or water and be fine, just not soda.  With this one, the last week I can't drink a lot of water or eat too much or I get heartburn.  So I have mostly lost my appetite, it's just the not drinking a lot of water that kills me.  I feel so thirsty sometimes and just want to drink and drink.  It's probably a good thing though the way my clothes are getting too tight.  I haven't gained a huge amount of weight, my doctor is fine with it and it is right in the target weight gain area, but I think a lot of the weight is going to my butt! Some of my clothes and such are just getting uncomfortable, more so than I remember with Aaron.  But I suppose the point is that you don't remember and that is why you get pregnant again!!! :)

Tomorrow is Monday and I am not sure what I am going to do yet, but just try to stay busy so the day goes by fast.  I am looking forward to Tuesday morning and my OB appointment is at we will see!  Hope you all had a great weekend!

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