Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hide and Seek

The kiddos thought they were hiding from me in daddy's closet.
 Can you see Grace covering her face...she must be in the witness protection agency or something. Briggs is like..."Whats going on in there?"
 Having fun playing at the table while I cooked dinner.  I vacuumed and moved the table and chairs and Grace thought that was great fun.  She moved all the chairs so they were sitting next to each other 'in a line' and they were walking on them thinking that was so neat.
 This picture was perfect!! He stepped into daddy's shoes and then I snuck and got the camera.  He saw me aim at him and said, "Cheese!"  So adorable!!!!
Today we got dressed and headed out, we got gas and then off to get groceries, then we came back for lunch.  Aaron took a good 2 hour nap which he hadn't in a few days and I got one too!  Grace had dance class tonight and then the kids got a bath before bed.  I wrapped the lil gifts I am taking to the hospital for the kids 'from' little sister and K brought up the luggage so I could pack a bag.  I decided to make a list of what I would need for the hospital that way it would be easy to throw the rest of my toiletries n such when it was time to go.
Now I am just waiting, trying to keep the house clean until its time to go!! :)

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