Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hats at playtime

The time is drawing near for my newest little babe to be born and I haven't been updating my blog very much.  I took these pictures last week I think.  We had a nice day but it was windy and so since Grace has been freaking out a little bit lately when the wind blows her hair around a lot, I grabbed their hats.  They actually kept them on while they played so I snapped away!

 The kids can't wait for good weather and frankly neither can I!  I feel like this lack of winter has been such a bore.  To cold to play outside, but not cold enough for it to snow so you can bundle up and then play outside.  I am looking forward to summer for sure! So much so that I have been researching how much it would cost to fix up our backyard some.  K and I have been talking and we may or may not do some changes for the summer. 
With regards to this last pregnancy I am so over it these days.  I originally intended on really trying to enjoy this pregnancy because it will most likely be our last one, but I feel like this is the hardest 3rd trimester yet!  A few nights ago we were lying in bed and I got a contraction right at the same time as she kicked up into my lungs.  I about tore K's shoulder off and scrambled out of bed (As fast as a pregnant waddler can) so I could get vertical and breath better.  I think I scared my more hubby to death.  At least when I was pregnant with Aaron I pretty much always took a nap on my lunch when I was working..ha ha that doesn't happen so much at home.  I try hard though.  I also previously thought that she was going to be a smaller babe than the other 2, however I no longer think that.  I think how much more can she grow??? Isn't she done cooking in there?? This Saturday I will be 35 weeks and I keep thinking, "Really? That's all??" I have 37 weeks in my head as the due date and think I might seriously lose my mind if she isn't early! April 21st is her official due date...but that is so FAR away to me.
At least K is home now and he is helping me tons.  He got up with the kids this morning and made me breakfast in bed and it allowed me to have some quiet time for me to do a chapter in my bible study which was nice. 
Aaron has been talking and talking getting very communicative with us and it's such a joy to watch.  He will say, "Uh ohhhhhh drop drop!"  When he drops his cup or anything.  He nods now to answer a question and is starting to say lion for his little lion lovey.  I am going to be letting him cry it out for his naps I think.  Because he needs to learn to soothe himself better.  It has become a bad habit to go in there and get him his paci before he fully wakes up from nap just so I can get another hour out of him.  I tried having him cry it out yesterday and he basically cried on and off for the remaining hour of his 2hour nap.  Today they had very late naps due to staying too late at playgroup, so when he woke up I just got him up. 
Grace is becoming such a big girl, she is getting better and better at buckling her car seat and I am so proud of her.  She is a good helper for me and often plays well with Aaron.  She is loving having her daddy home and goofing off with him.  And she was a huge helper this morning helping him make pancakes for me.  She is such a sweet girl and loves her family.  She is still going to her Thursday night dance class and we are looking forward to her first dance recital in late April. 
I can't believe this, I was sitting here typing this and I heard some clanking noises.  So I got up and Grace's light is on and she is playing with her toys.  That is a first! She told me she had to go potty, but I don't think she actually went but a spec.  Daddy told her before bed that he would get her donuts in the morning if she had a dry diaper.  Later after they were down I was talking with daddy about how she has a hard time with her footie pj's and it might be best to wait a little bit longer to give incentives like that until we know she can get her pj's back on by herself.  And also after little sister is born to give her another reason to be our big girl, instead of a baby, like little sister.  Plus I told him I had fallen off the bus with reminding her to go a lot while he was gone, because I was just trying to get through the 2 weeks as a sane mommy.  I can't believe she was playing!
Well now that K is home, I am going to try to keep my blog updated more frequently before little sister is born.  Hope you enjoy the pics..I will try to get some of me up too! Night!

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