Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Letters and Latest Achievements

A girlfriend of mine gave me this letter book where the pages are slick so the kids can trace their letters and then wipe the pages off.  Grace LOVES it! She calls it her big bird book and always wants to do it.  She will sit quietly and trace and trace her uppercase and lowercase letters.  There are also some other alphabet game in there as well, that she can do with our help.  When we got home from playgroup today Aaron had passed out already so I just took him directly to bed.  Grace had some lunch and then I let her do her letters.  She is such a doll.  I mean how precious are these pictures?
 And look at her letters... S T U ...she is a little perfectionist about it.  She does each page then wipes it clean before she has to turn the page. 
 Oh on the pages below she has to draw the line from the capital A to the lowercase a and they having pictures of things that start with that letter.  So for A they have a picture of Abby from Sesame Street and an apple. I think she has it memorized now!

 My boy's latest achievement is climbing up onto the big chairs by himself.  I took these before Grace woke up from nap and later he did it when she was standing right there.  She was so proud of him.  "Good job Aaron! High five!"  And then he did...high five her.   I think Aaron is teething again.  Yesterday he felt warm and he had a runny nose and then today I changed a bunch of poopy diapers for him and again with the runny nose.  As well as his naps were shorter today and yesterday.
 Doesn't he look so big here???
Had a wonderful day at playgroup this morning, the kids mostly all played outside and then I let my kids play outside while I mopped my floors.  I took these before I mopped.  Not that you would notice the difference in a picture.  Actually not that you can even notice the difference now, once the dogs and kids came in despite me trying to 'protect' my floors somewhat.  But it was nice and it wasn't muddy out today so some paw prints are better than muddy prints. 
Tomorrow it is supposed to be 70 degrees so I am going to take the kids to the park and feed them there before hitting the grocery store.  Then hopefully I will get some laundry done in the afternoon.
The nice days that we have been having are extra appreciated by me, (so if you could keep those up Lord that would be great!) I feel like I can and want to get so much done.  Whereas when its gloomy out, I just feel tired and overpregnant and just want to lay around. So I am so glad that it's supposed to be nice thru Sunday, I think.  What would be really convenient would be to have some rainy spring days when I am in the hospital having little sister!  

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Beth said...

Those are the cutest photos of both of them. Sweet babies! xoxo from Memaw!