Friday, March 2, 2012

Discovery Gateway

Took the kids to Discovery Gateway Children's Museum today.  It was fun to get out of the house and do something.  They were having a Dr. Suess birthday party event at 11am, we got there a little after 10am and I couldn't see myself waiting in a line with the kids for that long only so they could sit down and try to be quiet.  So we went ahead on in and played and the kids had a great time.  ON the way out there was a line for the story time at noon and so we stepped in line to get our free hats and then took of for home and lunch.  Aaron was asleep while I was buckling him into his car seat, he was so tired.  And I don't blame him it was really loud and very busy in there.  But lots of fun things for the kids to do and play.  Play houses and grocery stores and farms and water.  Next time I think we will try to get there to sign up for one of there art classes. 
Grace wanted to take a picture with me here, I am trying to concentrate and smile and listen to the phone make the clicking noise that it took the picture!

This picture is much better.  Some mornings we watch the Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot about That on PBS.  It's not one of K's favorite cartoons but they learn about a lot of different animals usually.  I don't mind it. 

Aaron had a blast running around and he loved playing in the water the best.
I did take some videos, but when I sent them to my email address they will play but without any sound.  So annoying!!! And I didn't have my phone on vibrate either.
When we got home we all had lunch and then we all went down for a nap.  Kids napped really good.  Aaron got a full 2 hours in without waking once and he fell asleep in the car.  Grace napped and I napped too.  It was great. 
I am worried about my little bear though.  He woke up not feeling good at all.  He had a temperature of 101 and a running nose and super clingy.  Of course he is clingy anyway and especially when Daddy isn't home.  I am just hoping its not Strep because one of the mom's in my playgroup emailed us that her oldest daughter was complaining of a sore throat on Thursday and tested positive for Strep.  We have playgroup Wednesday morning.  I am hoping he is just fussy because he is cutting another molar and/or its just a cold.  I just came back from settling him down in bed.  He is all snotty and congested and I think he he keeps waking because he can't breathe very well.  I wish he knew how to blow his nose.  We are in process, he kind of has that idea, but always sucks in when we try to blow.  It's actually cute, he puts the tissue to his nose and tries but doesn't quite get the concept yet.
Grandma is coming tomorrow morning to watch the kids while I run away for some solo time.  I think I am going to go get a mani/pedi and then maybe go shopping. 
K text me earlier that he took his test for one of the machines he is training on this week and got a 94!  It was a really hard machine and a long test he said.  But I am proud he did so good.  Now he has the weekend to relax before next week.  He comes home Friday and we can't wait to see him!
Little sister is still as busy as ever!  Glad though that she stopped hiccuping, she was going strong at the beginning of this post! My next OB appointment is March 6th.  Tomorrow I will be 33 weeks!

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