Saturday, March 3, 2012

To cut or not to cut

Before I got pregnant I was seriously thinking about cutting my hair short.  I don't mean boy short, but maybe somewhere above my shoulders to possibly chin length.  Enough for a short little stubby pony tail.  The main reason was when I was running and I would pull my hair back and it would get all ratty with sweat from running.  Plus I hadn't changed my hair for ever!  So then when I found out I was pregnant I decided I would cut my hair right after the baby was born.  That way if I wasn't happy with it, the time of growing it out would go by very fast because I would be so busy with 3 kids!

Oh and I have been growing my bangs out that I cut awhile back so they would be closer to the length of my hair when I cut it. 

But now, I have kinda fallen back in 'like' with my long hair.  And I am looking forward to feeling less pregnant and more pretty and doing stuff with my hair soon.

So I am at odds...should I cut my hair or not?  What do you all think?  What kind of short haircut do you think would look good with my face shape? 

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Beth said...

I love your long hair! But you could cut maybe 2 or 3 inches off and change it a bit while still keeping it long.