Thursday, March 15, 2012

Playing at the dealership

Today was so gorgeous..I didn't even realize it was supposed to be either.  I wish I would have planned better.  I would have stayed home and let the kids play outside.  This morning K let me sleep for another 45 minutes and got up when Aaron did.  Which was good because Grace was still on the donut bus this morning and she had a wet diaper.  But they ate cereal for breakfast while I slept more.  It was very nice because I couldn't sleep very well last night.  Tossed and turned until midnight then took a bath and then tossed some more until I fell asleep around 1am I think.
Then the kids and I got dressed and we headed out to Home Depot to exchange a rug gripper thingy and then to the grocery store.  I took forever at the grocery today.  I was super annoying to myself.  I was just lumbering around the aisle and I couldn't think about what was down what aisle and I had to make a few different trips down the same aisle.  I had no energy and I felt like a giant pregnant snufalufagus.  (You know, from Sesame Street) But the nice weather was so enjoyable and I sent the kids outside to play while I unloaded groceries and made lunch.  Then daddy joined us for lunch and I let the kids play for longer after lunch.  They didn't go to naps until 2pm but Aaron slept straight through so that is good. 
I put them down and ran down the street to get a mani/pedi done.  This pregnancy has wreaked havoc on my fingernails, they have only in the last week been getting longer without splitting.  It felt great and now I have some pretty nails which Grace loves looking at.  She says, "Mom I like your polish."  She is just too precious, plus today she must have told me she loved me randomly about 5 times. "Mom, I love you!" 
After there late naps we played for a bit before we jumped in the car again and headed out to Grace's dance class and dinner.  Her recital is in a little more than a month and I can't wait!  Aaron was great and played for the 30 minutes we waited for sister.  Then it was back home for baths and bedtime. 
I took these pictures on Monday while we were at the Ford dealership getting the oil changed. 
I am so glad tomorrow is Friday and I am at 35 weeks on Saturday.
I want next week to zoom by! I should plan a lot of stuff so it will.  I think K is going to be really busy next week with work.

I have been having some sciatic nerve pain the last week every once in awhile...I had forgotten how much fun that is..not. Looking forward to a fun weekend!

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Beth said...

My sweet, happy, adorable grandbabies! I can't wait to snuggle them all!