Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Foot Long Burrito??

So tonight I was going to make chicken enchiladas and actually try the recipe with shrimp as well because I had a handful of frozen ones left in the freezer.  So before I left for playgroup I took out what I thought was chicken breasts, but in fact was pork.  So instead K went to Los Bertos and got us dinner.  K decided on a whim that he was going to try their new foot long burrito...yes a foot long carne asada burrito!  He did not eat it all..thank goodness! (And we don't normally eat with an empty laundry hamper on the table)
 My Air Bear did not want his picture taken.

 Grace eating her rice, with her TinkerBell dress on.
 Pregnant me...tired of being pregnant..looking huge in that maternity shirt. 
 I had to take this picture, I was trying to get Aaron ready for bed and he ran and hid in his closet next to this box of diapers.  I had just moved these diapers there today.  The look he gave me before I took this picture was sneaky and clever he thought he was!
36 weeks and 4 days. Going to the grocery tomorrow and trying to keep focused on just living life and being patient!

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Beth said...

hahaha! K's expression was cracking me up! Then sweet Aaron and smiley girl Grace! Tired mama--love you all bunches and bunches!