Friday, March 16, 2012

Dying for a project

It's finally Friday! Seems like it has taken forever to get here.  Tomorrow I am 35 weeks and my playgroup friends are throwing a baby shower for me, so that will be exciting to go to. 
Today we stayed home and tried to get the house in order.  We also dyed Easter Eggs which the kids enjoyed.  I wish I had done it sooner though because I was freaking out trying to keep my hands from getting dyed since I just had my nails done.  Aaron kept dropping the eggs in the cups, except it was more like a toss and it would splash a little bit.  But then he would clap and be so proud of himself.  It actually went pretty good considering he grabbed the yellow dye off the counter when I was getting the tray for Grace and spilled yellow dye all over himself and the floor.  But it looks like the yellow came out, so not a big deal.  I do feel beat though.  I did all the laundry and changed the sheets on the bed and dusted the house.  I wanted to vacuum, mop and clean the bathrooms however that did not get done.  K can help with those this weekend maybe.  Or maybe it will wait until next week. 
We had dinner and then the kids played and climbed all over Daddy and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Aaron had us both cracking up, because I think he has learned the word No, except he kind of sings/hollers it.  He as climbing on the couch and doing his favorite thing to do which is pull on the blinds and K kept telling him No.  Except then he would make this big face, raise his eyebrows and open his mouth wide and say something like, Nooooooooooo.  I couldn't ever hear the 'N' and thought he was just yelling and being silly but K thought he was saying No and repeating after him.  I was dying laughing because he was being such a ham. 
Then right before bed Grace decided to go for a cross country run.  She had taken her clothes off and waiting for me to grab a pull-up for bedtime and she started running.  I think she had run anywhere from 10-15 minutes straight.  Just around the kitchen table and down the hall and back again.  She seriously had some focus going on.
But she said the sweetest prayer at bedtime, praying for me and daddy and Aaron and little sister and then all of her playgroup friends.  Such a sweet girl she is. 
I have been having come contractions a lot tonight.  Started at dinner and then kept going for awhile, while I was sitting on the couch when the kids where playing.  She was moving and I was getting contractions.  I can not wait for my OB appointment on Tuesday.  I want to see if I am dilated at all.

K's aunt is going to come watch the kids for me since he has a busy work week next week, which I hope is good so the week will go by fast.  But my appointment isn't until 11am.  I usually schedule my appointments around 930-945 because then we can eat, get dressed and go.  But the earliest they have them is at 11am since I am booking them only 2 weeks ahead now instead of every 4 weeks. 
I hope everyone has a great weekend! Time for a treat for me..and I think a bath!  My body is tired!  Night!

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