Tuesday, March 20, 2012

OB Appointment

This morning I had my 35 week OB appointment and they did a swab for Group B Strep.  I had Group B with both Grace and Aaron.  It's not a big deal but they give you antibiotics in an IV during labor because it can be harmful to the newborns.  Sometimes you can have it and sometimes not.  I am hoping that I don't have it this time around, I really do not want to deal with the IV.  I have deep veins and it is such a pain for the nurses to get a good IV line going.  I really could do without. 
My doctor also checked my cervix and I am about 1.5 centimeters dilated and 30% effaced.  So those contractions I keep feeling are doing their thing.  We are down to weekly appointments now and my next one is Tuesday at 10am.  I don't think I ever went to weekly appointments with Aaron.  I think I had my 35 week appointment and then he came the Wednesday before my 37 week appointment which was on a Friday.  And since I mentioned Aaron came early at just before 37 weeks I think that made my OB want to move it up some this time around.  Which of course is fine by me. 
I wish I could say I am trying to be patient, but I am not.  I try not to complain, but in my head I am just looking forward to the next checkpoint to see where I am at. 

I tried pulling out the newborn clothes this afternoon while the kids were napping.  I thought about napping when they went down, but I wasn't tired and so I thought going through the baby clothes would be a good chore.  However my belly is to big and it kept hurting my to bed over into the box.  Then I did get tired once there was about 30 minutes of naps left.  So I came upstairs to lay down for a few minutes but only got about 15 minutes of quiet time. 

It was kind of funny though.  Aaron's crib is on my wall and I can hear him bang into the walls when he wakes up sometimes.  This afternoon I heard him kicking the wall and he may have cooed once or twice but he woke up happy which was nice.  Then all of a sudden I heard lamby turn on really loud on the whales button and then 2 seconds later I heard Aaron cry a freaked out cry.  Poor boy scared himself with the whales being up too loud! I went in there and he was talking to me, "Coo!' And pointing at Lamby.  Silly little rabbit. 

I discovered last night that Grace sleep walks.  I went in to check on her before we went to sleep and she startled me because she was sitting on the edge of her bed rubbing her eyes.  All of a sudden she gets up and walks towards me and then lifts her arms up for me to hold her.  I pick her up and then put her back into bed and she lays right down, asleep the whole time.  I had thought she had been sleep walking when K was gone and my mom reminded me of the story of how Kayla heard her in the hall and barked.  And then the bark woke her up.  I heard that your not supposed to wake a sleep walker but I don't really know why or if that is true.  I will have to look into it.  And we will be changing our door locks now. 

I dyed my hair this morning before my appointment.  I am really annoyed.  I always but the same brand and color.  I normally use 2 boxes because my hair is so long and I like to freshen up the color all over when I do it.  However being this pregnant I didn't want to take that long standing there, so I decided to just use one.  The color I get is Deep Mahogany Brown.  The boxes I have advertised they are ammonia free which didn't notice when I bought them, but did realize that it didn't nearly smell so strong while I was coloring my hair.  However...it actually lightened my hair a reddish color.  You can't really tell that it looks that much different, unless I were to show you pictures of before or after.  Right now it probably looks like I didn't do anything.  But I of course can tell.  The last time I colored my hair was right before my brother's wedding.  And when I do it, it is a deep rich color.  Maybe I will take some pictures tomorrow and post some before and after.  I am truly annoyed.  A waste of money and my time and my energy and patience, which is already at a low! :) I already emailed the company, hopefully they send me some new product or something. I am also going to try to take back the other box and get a regular box.

Tomorrow is playgroup and the middle of the week, one more day closer to 36 weeks.... 

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