Wednesday, June 6, 2012

3x the cuteness

Last Saturday we headed down to K's brothers place for a BBQ.  I put the kids in their 'sibling' shirts.  I know the first picture is really blurry but I love Aaron's face.  This is his typical face he makes when he smiles for me these days.  1. I love that he will smile for the camera now and 2. I just love how cheesy it is!
 Grace is looking so grownup, she is becoming a little girl and losing her baby chub. :(
 I called it good after I took this picture because they were getting over it as you can tell!
Today we headed over to Costco.  I needed more dog food.  I had tried switching Kayla to a mature dog food, but I don't think it agreed with her, because she has been having accidents when we leave them downstairs in the laundry room.  I  was trying to end the gas problem.  Luckily we have a carpet cleaner so that has been helpful.
After Costco we headed down to the grocery and got what we needed.  Then we came back home and I let Grace entertain Sarah while I brought in all the groceries and such.  I felt like I was running a relay race carrying those bags and hurrying.  But Grace was great with Sarah and then I was able to make the big kids lunch before I nursed Sarah. 
We had a good afternoon of naps, although I was hoping for a nice long one with Sarah, instead she took a couple of short ones.  But I am good with that too!
Looking forward to warmer temperatures tomorrow!

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Beth said...

I loved all three of these pics! I was cracking up at the progression of their expressions! My favorite is the last one. They are all three so serious! I love them so much!