Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Date night and some Bubbles

Saturday night K and I had date night and his mom watched the kids.  We went shopping, ate dinner and saw The Avengers, which has Mark Ruffalo as The Hulk.  I love Mark Ruffalo and didn't realize he was in the movie until I was in the movie. It was a good movie.  K and I usually leave the comic book movies and say to ourselves we should buy the whole series,but we never do.  Well besides we don't really watch movies over and over anyway.
 We got the kids another bubble wand so they were outside playing with them on Sunday.  I also got Aaron some sunglasses for $2.

Today we had playgroup, then we headed home for naps.  Last night Sarah only woke once around 2:30 I think and then slept until 6:40, which was great! I was able to get a short work out in today while she slept this afternoon, and hopefully I will be able to start working out with my SIL.  She is looking for a work out buddy and I need an extra pair of hands to push a stroller! :)  We played phone tag a few times today.  We are looking forward to our annual Wendover trip this weekend.

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Beth said...

Love that photo of you two! You are gorgeous! Oh my gosh, Aaron is adorable in that hat and sunglasses! LOL! Have fun in Wendover! xoxo