Sunday, June 10, 2012

What we have been up yoo

So its late on Sunday night and I want and need to get to sleep so this is going to be a short post hopefully!  A couple days ago Aaron fell into the window well.  The kid is a hazard lately and just last Saturday I was telling my SIL that he hadn't ever done that.  Then Thursday I think it was, we were coming back home from dinner and he lost his balance leaning too far forward and just toppled right into the window well.  And the day before that he fell off the back of the couch.  Poor kid, we were really worried when he fell into the window well though because his eye looked really bad and we thought we might have to take a trip to the ER.  Luckily with lots of ice on it, the swelling went down and he is getting a black eye now and it is starting to look better.
 I was able to get a picture of Sarah looking at her bee and herself (there is a mirror above the bee) so cute!

 Friday we had super nice weather but the day was off and on good and bad.  We were looking forward to some friends coming over to play in the pool and water table, but they were unable to make it unexpectantly.  Then the kids went down for naps and I was going to take one too, but Daddy came home unexpectedly with a coworker and the dog woke the baby up=no nap for mommy=crabby mommy. 
 Then when Grace woke up from her nap she was constipated again so we kind of had another freakout (although much less crying than before) and once I got her off the potty we were able to run to Rite Aid for some suppositories and prune juice.  Which helped.  Then we made dinner and ran off to our local splash pad after dinner. But it was a long day by myself because Daddy had lots of paperwork to do and was late, so I like I said good and bad. The kids were playing underneath the back porch steps, thinking they were clever and hiding, playing in the "pool".  A bucket of water Grace was sticking her feet in.  Silly little girl.
I finally got a decent picture of Sarah smiling!  I just love her to pieces!  She smiles at me so much!  Almost after every time she nurses she smiles away, and she LOVES smiling at Grace. I just can't get over how much help Grace can be with her.  Such sweet girls.
 My big girl helper!
 Such a cute outfit from her Nana.
Yesterday we ran around to get parts to fix our leaking sink and hose, then K and I got ready for a date night.  It was great and I had been looking forward to it for a few days.  We went shopping (I had to return something at Target) and we picked up some new pj's for me! Then we went to Tepanyaki's and had sushi.  That's where they cook Japanese style on the griddle in front of you.  Then we watched The Avengers which was SO good.
Today we were beat from our late night, but K got the lawn mowed and worked on a few house projects before we headed out to a 1st birthday party for a little girl in our playgroup.  Busy busy but fun day.  Now I am headed to bed!! NIGHT!!

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