Thursday, June 7, 2012

You Butta Be ready for this Peanut

The kids are all napping right now so I am taking the remaining time I have left and blogging real quick.  I just finished paying all the bills, so this is the remaining 'office' work I have to wrap up! :)
It's a nice day today although a bit cool.  The water babies were out in the pool right before naps, so I had to change their clothes. I forgot to snap the bottom of Sarah's little onesie here so you can see her diaper sticking out.
K and I are going to try to get a day out on Saturday if we can find a babysitter.  I want to see The Avengers and hopefully run around depending on what time the movie starts. 
We may go to Home Depot this afternoon, K needs to get some parts to fix our sink and I want to look at paint colors, which you can't really do with 3 little ones.  Pick up paint-yes, but browse looking at colors-no.  We will see.
 Tomorrow we are going to have some friends over to play and have lunch.  Grace is very much looking forward to it.  It's the kids I used to watch last spring/summer.
Aaron is teething again I think.  He keeps saying, "Ow teeth." And he has to get the 4 teeth between his molars and the front teeth on the top and the bottom.  (Annoying dude is driving a dirt bike/motorcycle full speed on my street right now-irritating!!) I will be so glad when Aaron is all done teething.
 Such a cute summer dress for Sarah. 
Sunday night we have a birthday party to go to, one of the little girls in our playgroup is turning 1! Seems like just yesterday when she was born and now she is one.  Soon that will be my little peanut.
I have been trying to eat better.  I lost a couple more pounds of extra baby weight, but haven't had time to do any extra exercise this week.  Monday was nice and I was going to go walking with the kids, but Grace ended up having a difficult time on the toilet.  Turns out she was constipated (maybe that's TMI for this blog??) I felt so bad!!! She kept saying her tummy hurt the previous days, but I thought she was just being 3 and being a picky eater.  She ended up getting it done, but it was a lot of tears and yelling.  I made her take a stool softener and some Metamucil and then she really finished up another hour later.  Broke my poor mommy heart watching her go through that. I felt like the worst mom ever! Luckily though it didn't seem to make any lasting impression, she is such a trooper! Love my girl!
So we didn't end up taking a walk and then it has been bad weather and after bedtime either I don't have the energy or Sarah has been kind of fussy not wanting to go down.  Hopefully next week will be better for working out!
Well I hear Aaron cooing and jibbering away, time to get the kiddos!

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