Thursday, June 21, 2012

Such a Happy Baby!

Last Friday we headed out to Wendover for or annual Father's day car show trip.  I realized in the car on the way out that my camera battery was completely dead.  Then when I got home I went to charge it and my computer couldn't or wouldn't see it.  So I thought it was dead.  But then K plugged it into his computer and it fired up. Which is good, but I don't have any pics from last weekend which is a bummer. 
When we were in Torrey for Memorial Day the hotel had an indoor pool, but it was freezing cold and the kids were freaked out and it took them forever to try to get them in the jacuzzi.  Last weekend in Wendover the hotel had an indoor pool as well and it was really warm and the kids LOVED it.  We borrowed an inner tube from Beau and Zoey and both kids were actually kicking their legs and blowing bubbles and were wet head to toe.  Grace was even jumping off the edge into K's arms, over and over again.  Coming up for air sputtering and immediately say, "Again! Again! Take me to the side Daddy!" They went swimming Friday and Saturday night and did not want to leave the pool. They conked out pretty quickly but Friday night Grace had a nightmare /terror in the hotel and K had to take her into the bathroom because she would NOT stop crying. It went on forever and finally he got Curious George on his phone to distract her.  It had been awhile since she had one of those.
I took these of Sarah smiling yesterday.  She is just such a sweetie, so easy going and chill, unless she wants to be held, then she wants to be held usually while your walking around.  And she doesn't like the swing.  I stick her in the swing and she just cries, unless Grace is entertaining her.

 This morning Grace wanted to hold Sarah and I was trying to get a pic of them together smiling, but couldn't.  Still cuties none the less!
 Today we got a late start and headed to the grocery around 10:50, but I was so organized and Grace was such a helper that we booked it through the grocery and made it back home right after noon.  Grace held my list and would cross off things after we got them. We would talk about what the first letter of the word was and I would have her try to find it on the list.  She found a couple all by herself! We use one of those extra long carts that have the 2 seater in the front and Aaron was such a good boy and sat still the entire time.  Sometimes he wants to get down and run around, granted he was buckled in, but he didn't peep!
 We came home and Grace entertained Sarah (As usual) while I made the big kids lunch and then nursed Sarah. It was hot today so they didn't play outside a lot.  Well Aaron played but he cooled himself down (as usual) in the pool, dousing himself!  Got keep tradition and get a Sarah pic in the papasan chair with the Pepaw blanket! Thanks Pepaw your the best! Such good taste!
 Trying to get a close up of the letters, I guess too much light.
 Today at lunch Aaron dropped his granola bar and I got up to get it and took a picture of him real quick so we could have one of the boy for the blog.  He was telling me he dropped it. "Droppp!"
This week has been zooming by so fast, and K has to work this weekend, Saturday night a special job up in Idaho so we will be missing him.  He is such a good daddy, rocking Sarah to sleep while he plays 'Abba Dabba' with Grace.  (She has a little star wand and she tries to say A-bra-cad-bra!) Love him to pieces!

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