Thursday, June 14, 2012

Getting ready for Wendover

This was from earlier this week.  My ever faithful helper Grace, and my little boy in the background, faithfully getting into the drawers he can now reach.
Books she got from Chik Fil A and her cute hair
3-6 month size outfit
Aaron loving on his little sister this morning. Yesterday and today he has been saying, "Hi!" to Sarah so cute! This morning he wanted to hold her. I told him to sit back and he laid down, so I just went with it and laid her down too.  Only she wasn't really having it.
I spent all day getting ready for Wendover, packing, shopping, laundry and cooking.  It should be our easiest launch yet!  In the morning K will take the dogs to the kennel and then pick up some breakfast burritos for us.  I will be home feeding the kiddos breakfast and loading the last bit into the car.  The Expedition is gassed up and mostly loaded, so we just have to get the kids buckled and head out!
Now if we can just get Sarah to sleep, she has been a lil bit gassy and restless.  K thought he had her down, but she started stirring again.  It's Murphy's Law you know, because she has been having some good nights.  Hopefully its just tonight and the next 2 nights in the hotel will be good as well.
Hope all the dad's have a good Father's Day weekend!

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