Sunday, June 24, 2012

Baby Clothes

I have been meaning to go through Grace's old 3-6 month clothes I had put away.  I had it labeled 3-6 months but I had some 0-3 months in there as well.  It's been fun to see Grace's old outfits and put Sarah in them.  I love these pink camo pants.  I have been putting Sarah in 3-6 month zippered pj's and I think that she won't be in those very long.  Her 2 month check up is on Wednesday.  She turned 2 months last Monday and I kept meaning to get them all in (so I can get the big kids vaccines as well) so I am a little late. But I moved her up to a size 2 diaper last week, she is getting big. 
It's funny because she has these chubby little thighs and tiny ankles and long thin arms. Such a mixture of Grace and Aaron. 
 She had two good nights of sleep where she slept from about 8pm to 3:45am almost 8 hours.  Last night she woke up at 1am again like usual, but she is still a really good sleeper at night.  Today she a really good nap and I got some stuff done!  Yesterday we pulled up the exersaucer thinking she might like it better than the swing.  However she was only happy with Grace and Aaron keeping her company.
 My helpers!  Daddy had to go to Idaho yesterday for an overnighter, so we missed him this weekend. But he should be home shortly, he just text me he landed.  And we are watching the end of Peter Pan right now then off to bed for the kiddos. 
 You can't tell here but Sarah falls asleep in a football hold almost every time.  So sweet.
Hope everyone had a good weekend! Ready for another week!

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Beth said...

oh, what sweet pics! Sarah is growing so fast...too fast! Love those sweet helper photos, too.