Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Some Cute Outfits

I was rooting around in the picture file today and realized I never posted these from last week.  I found this outfit in the 3-6 month bin of clothes I saved from Grace.  I am excited because now Sarah has an outfit for the 4th of July as well, and I love that Grace wore it too!  The big kids have new 4th outfits from their Nana and Papadaddy and this should fit Sarah perfectly.  Today I put her in a new 3-6 month outfit from Nana and I will hopefully get that pic up tomorrow.  It was a lil bit big, but fit her.  She was 11 pounds 4 oz when I took her in last Saturday.  She had an infected tear duct and her eye was getting yucky.  I was worried because that is how Grace's ear infections would start. I keep forgetting to schedule her 2 month appointment, hopefully tomorrow!
 Sarah wearing her whale pjs from Memaw, fit perfectly and so cute!
 My big girl being silly.  Oh how I love her silliness.

I have been fighting with a sore throat this week, just been all mucous-y and really over it.  Today I was sore from my work out yesterday, but after dinner I walked with the kids to get a frozen yogurt and then Daddy came and picked us up.  It was really nice.  Tomorrow I have to run around and do some last minute errands and then finish up the laundry and pack us for Wendover.  We leave in the morning on Friday.

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