Sunday, January 17, 2010


I have a few new pics I took today of our sweet Lil Miss...wait except her new nickname today was Tazmanian Devil!
Well because she was a whirlwind of activity on only one hour of naps!!!

She got to hang out with Grandma tonight while KSov and I checked out a couple of vehicles down south by her house. One was a minivan and the other an SUV. Both really clean, and both asking too much! Hopefully they work out and we get what we want!

I will try to post pics tomorrow of our Little Monkey...
Oh and few new updates with her too by the way. She now knows how to drink out of a straw. She learned a few days ago at dinner when we forgot her sippy cup. Oh and she is using her tiny front teeth to bite crackers and stuff a lot now.
She also likes to throw mini temper tantrums when she doesn get her way, which is a lot when she is with us. Hopefully daycare is not indulging her..I'll have to ask tomorrow if she goes in because we will be potentially dealing with car stuff. But I also want to try to get her in for her 1yr exam. That is if the Dr. is open.
Well time to sign off and go see what car stuff KSov is looking at.

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