Tuesday, January 5, 2010

On the treadmill again!

Hey Yall, I just got to blog about my adventures on the treadmill! So I took some unexpected time off from working out because I somehow injured my leg. Some muscle under the buttocks. I basicallyy took a month off. We also were sleeping the last few weeks downstairs because we think our mattress is pooey. (Actually we should get that fixed tomorrow)
But I started working out last week...one time. And then back on the band wagon again this week. I did my Weight Loss Yoga DVD from the Biggest Loser that KSov got me for Christmas. I really like it alot! You can customize to fit what you want to do. Yesterday I did the beginning Level 1 for 30 mintues and can totally feel it in my abs today!
Tonight I got on the treadmill for 35 mintues and did some walking and running and then did my DVD again for 35 min. I feel GREAT! I can't wait to see the results of this yoga. Long lean muscles are hopefully coming my way!
Anybody done Yoga? I do love it, especially the end and the cool down. Its like a treat when you were a little kid. Like if after we do this we are going to get an ice cream cone! And the ice cream is sooo yummy! Thats the relaxing cool down of yoga, like a ice cream and a massage together! :)
Here I am typing away and all of a sudden I hear the Lil Miss on the monitor. She sounds like she is yibbering away in her sleep. I do believe she was just babbling in her sleep there for a min. Of course now she is kind of fussing.
Poor baby she has a yeast infection on her lil girl parts. We called the nurse at the pediatrician after her eye dr apointment this morning and told her about it and she called in a pescription which we need to get still. But the nurse thought that no wipes just warm water and towel drying would help her heal down there. I know the Desitin is really working because we have been using that faithfully and it hasn't helped.
I think she fell back asleep. She got way bad naps yesterday and then didn't get down as early as I had hoped last night. Then even though I was going to have to wake her up earlier than usual this morning she was awake at 630!! Thats shocking for her.
But the eye dr. appointment was good. He said her eyes were normal and not cross eyed. Not that we thought she was, but on her 10 month appointment the Pediatrician thought she maaaaybeee had a slight case os Estropia (?) something where the eyes cross, and wanted to have the eye dr see her. So 2 months later we got an appointment and Thank goodness she seems to be normal!
Her birthday is coming and we are getting excited for the Memaw and Pepaws visit and turning 1!
I just can't believe that she is just about one! Where did the time go?


SOVEREEN'S :) said...

YAY! You're back working out! Good for you. Time does fly, especially the first year! I love her dolly though, that's like our boys taking it everywhere, except it's a truck or batman instead of a dolly :) Hope everything is good with you guys, tell Kent we said hi!! Lots of love, Rachelle


ash! there better be a 1st birthday blog post complete with photos :).
my love to you guys and best wishes to gracie!