Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A lil Birthday wrap up

I was going to write this blog a lot earlier so that I could make sure I got everything covered. But I didn't. Anyways, this weekend was such a good weekend the Memaw and Pepaw came out to see our Lil Miss this past weekend and we celebrated her 1st birthday.

I can not believe that she is one year old already. I am seriously flabbergasted. Where did the time go to?? I still feel like a brand new mom just figuring stuff out. I still feel like she is just a baby, but she isn't anymore. She is walking around and getting into stuff and looking at me when she knows she shouldn't be touching something and throwing hissy fits on the changing table!

Soon she will be in the toddler room, in February, and getting to go to the lunch room for her meals and taking naps on a cot (although I am still not sure how that will work because she is such an active sleeper) and going outside to play. And I don't want her to!

(Interrupt this blog train of thought to realize I left my heart monitor on from the treadmill. That was about an hour ago that I got off. I am so strapped in I didn't even realize!)

I look at pictures of my friend's new lil baby girl and my boss's sweet baby boy and it seems like just yesterday she fit in my arms. Now I am doing my "baby lifts" with my 23lb baby girl. Got to get those guns one way or the other!

Her party was a lot of fun we tried to do 12-3pm on the Saturday before. We got Costco pizza and my mom and I made a yummy salad. With this tasty jalepeno ranch, among some salad dressings. Then my mom made the coolest Chocolate Eclair cake for the grownups from the Pioneer Womans blog. Sooo good! Luckily for me we had leftovers and I had some tonight after I worked out! I took a video of her getting into her cake and opening her presents. She was a bit shy at first with all of us singing Happy Birthday to her in her high chair. She had to put her head down and play shy baby, but then mommy stuck her finger in Grace's cake and put it in her mouth to try and she got more into eating it.

I think everyone had a really good time and I sure hope Grace did. Sorry no pictures tonight, I will try to get some on tomorrow of her party. I was lucky enough to hand a guest my camera to take pictures along with the video camera.

Yesterday I was sad and KSov tried to cheer me up. But I am always blue when my family leaves. I was super emotional and kept crying. And we are still looking for another vehicle for me to drive. And KSov left this morning to go out of town for the week. I also think that Grace turning one and everything all culminating at one time just made for a sad day. We looked at a couple of Auction places but didn't see anything that jumped out at us. Then we went to see the movie Avatar in 3D. My sister told me if I see it I have to see it in 3D. At first I didn't think I would be able to sit there for almost 3 hours with 3D glasses on, but then I got used to it. Although I can't say that its better in 3D or not. But I do think it would a cool movie to own on Blue Ray. It was a good movie though, and I kind of thought the main character looked a little bit like my baby brother T.

It was a long tiring emotional day and when KSov and I got home we put the Pooksters to bed and then went to bed early ourselves. I didn't do laundry or work out like I planned, but it got done today and besides today was a good day.

So I promise I will try to get some pictures posted and hopefully my mom will have some good ones with their cool camera as well.

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SOVEREEN'S :) said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LITTLE GRACE!!! Wish we could have been there for your first one. We love and miss you all:)