Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tavernacle; A dueling Piano Bar

Just a quick wrap up of the weekend. We had Grandma Janeen watch our sweet daughter on Saturday night so we could go out to a birthday party for a girlfriend of mine. She had reserved some tables at a dueling piano bar. It was a lot of fun. They were good musicians and it was funny to see the birthday boy or girl (there were a lot of people celebrating their birthdays) get on top of the piano and do the hokey pokey or head shoulder knees and toes!

I had originally planned to take pics of the new Ford on Saturday before we went down to Lehi to drop off Grace but totally forgot. So I guess I will have to try to take them at work on my lunch.

Then today we slept in! Way late...It was good because I haven't been sleeping as well as I normally do and so I enjoyed sleeping. We got up and went to breakfast/lunch and then got some groceries and a stop at Kohl's. I was able to get a snowboarding jacket in an awesome lime green, for only $60 bucks. Normally they go for around $150-$180. I was going to get the a gray one in a Men's small, but it wasn't as heavy. This one is down and quite cozy. I am stoked. I was also able to get 2 new bras that were buy one get one half off.

I do have to say I hate buying bra's. Maybe because if your significantly well endowed like I am. You have to pay significantly more money for your bras. And if you gain and lose your weight there as well it seems like you need a new one all the time. Especially after having Grace and the effect breastfeeding has, bras are just a pain in the neck. Not that I would prefer to go bra less, because I am not saying all. It just something that men don't have to think about and a good fitting bra totally effects how you feel about yourself and how people see you. So you have to deal with it. Anyhow I got 2 new ones and am happy, just wish they didn't cost so much.

Then we went down and picked up Grace. She was eating dinner and she gave us her big smile when we came in. We hung around for a little bit while KSov helped his mom with her digital photography homework. Grace was just toddling around back and forth playing with the toys and other things she shouldn't. She is so cute she loves walking down the stairs. We have tried to teach her how to go down the stairs backward on her tummy, but she thinks she is a big girl and she puts one foot out at a time and holds to my hand and goes down all Topsy turvey but one step at a time. She really doesn't like being held much anymore. And I understand why, I mean after all if you are a big girl who is walking everywhere, then its just plain annoying when mommy wants to snatch you up and kiss all over your sweet baby face. She is so independent and she thinks that she is so funny. She still loves music and whenever daddy sings to her she starts doing her lil baby butt dance.

But she is not feeling good. She was snotty and green this morning according to Grandma and she was messing with her ear tonight when we were at Grandma's. So when we got home we just bathed her and put her to bed early. Hopefully we will get an appointment for her tomorrow that KSov can take her too. Tomorrow is her first day in the toddler room and I hope it goes good. I will take her in the morning and then KSov will pick her up for an appointment in the morning assuming we get one.

Well that was supposed to be a quick wrap up, but I guess it was more of an all detailed report.

The new week is here and we will be getting ready for our snowboarding trip, planning meals and groceries and getting rentals. So we will be busy this week! We also might have people up on Sunday for birthday dinners/super bowl party. Is anybody else having a Super Bowl party? Who's your favorite team?

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