Monday, January 25, 2010


What is this thing called allergies? I didn't use to understand when KSov told me his allergies were bothering him. I didn't understand that in Utah they aren't just allergic to some thing in particular, they are allergic to Utah itself. See what happens is first you get a snotty nose and then your eyes start to water. And that is especially fun when your sitting with a customer and the inside top of your nose starts tingling and then one of your eyes starts watering. And its just one eye and you want to keep it shut but you can't because you would look like a nerd with one eye shut try to blink away the tinglingness in your nose. The next sympton of alleries is a raw upper lip from blowin your nose...wait no...I mean trying to blow your nose.

Anyways so I either have allergies or am sick. I have itcy watery eyes and a plugged up nose that I do try to keep blowing much to now avail. My poor lip!

KSov is on antibiotics for a sinus infection. Hopefully the anitibiotics will clear up the junk for him otherwise he is destined for an Ear Nose and Throat dr soon.

But this cute lil thing here...This cute darling I hope and pray that she isn't getting sick or feeling yucky and the lonely lil boogie I wiped yesterday was justa fluke. Although last night and tonight she had touble falling asleep. I also got the note from daycare that starting February 1st our sweet Lil Miss is moving up to the toddler room. We are working on getting rid of the bottle. Well I guess its not really a "working on" because she hasn't had a bottle here at home for a few days. But I guess we have to wean off having any type of milk/formula right before bed. We did buy some more sippy cups and a baby tooth brush.

Ok well I am digressing majorly. (That is what happens when you blog and watch DVR's American Idol episodes)

Enjoy the video!

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