Thursday, January 28, 2010

Anybody up for a Vacation?

This picture was taken last week, but I hadn't posted it yet. Taco meat, guacamole, and corn!

Ahhh, Finally we are wrapping up the week here. It has been so long but seemingly quick as well. We are getting close to our vacation. Have I mentioned that?? The week of Feb 8th-15th we are going about an hour north we have reserved a 2 bedroom condo with our timeshare credits we have and are planning on going snowboarding. We have been saving especially for this trip and we have Grandma Janeen coming up as well for the first half of the week.

The second half was going to be spent with a friend of KSovs from the military his wife and little 2 year old girl. But unfortunately they won't be able to make it. So this is the official invitation to someone who wants to come out through the long weekend and come snowboarding with us or just hang out and chit chat at the condo, jacuuzzi and work out, suana, movies, go out to eat, play in the snow, cook. Did I say Jacuuzi and wine? The room is already been reserved and we would love to have someone come and visit us in our home state away from home! lol!

Just ask me if we have filled it yet! Come on you know you want to!

Anyways...let me know!

Tonight I made a receipe from Pioneer Woman's Cookbook, KSov and I for Christmas. Well first I have to say I made her tomato soup receipe last weekend and with a few tweakings of my own...DELICOUS!! It has been the tomato soup I have been dreaming about ever since our Alaska trip where a fancy chef made me the most delicous soup ever. Yes this soup is truly that good. Like I said I tweaked it a lil bit, as I am learning to do that myself more and more often these days. I think I would do it more but just lack the time.

But I digress...tonights receipe was Linguine with Clam Sauce or something like that. It was thoroughly enjoyed by....Grace. Yes can you believe that? This girl slurped up her noodles and ate her tomatoes from a salad I made and had yummy avocados as well. She loved the clam pasta, more that daddy!

In fact Pioneer Woman writes how she made that pasta dish for her Man on one of her first dates with him years ago. He was a real meat and potatoes man who ate all of her clam dish without a grimace and he didn't even like seafood that much. I thought KSov would like it a bit more than that, although I am thinking I was maybe just as wrong as Pioneer Woman! Ha! Live and learn!

Well I did my Weight Loss Yoga tonight and hopefully I will sleep better tonight. I haven't been sleeping well and I woke up at 4am this morning with a plugged up nose and couldn't get back to sleep! I will take some Nyquil tonight and hopefully feel better tomorrow.

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Beth said...

Hope you are sleeping better and feeling better, sweetie. I hope another couple will join you all for your vacation week! I know you are disappointed. Love you, sweetie!