Saturday, January 16, 2010

On the Road Again...

Just can't wait to get in a car again! We went out looking at cars again this afternoon. Grace woke up at 1pm and off we went for lunch. We ate fresh at Subway.

We were on our way down to some dealerships when KSov got a call back from a guy about a suburban. $3900 for a 99 Chevy Suburban. Actually it was in pretty good shape. The guy was really nice and friendly and it had 130,000 miles on it. Good price for that truck but so big!

Gas mileage would be horrible on that and we both figured it was too much truck for what we need now. Although I was so tempted! I love trucks and big SUVs. And I thought well when we go camping and when we have another kid we could use all that space. But that trucks for like 4 more kids! :P And not commuting to Bountiful and back like I am now.

But then we went down to the dealers and KSov went to to talk with the different guys about their used stuff, while I stayed in the truck with our sleeping angelic baby. (See above) She sure is an active sleeper, even in her car seat. Right before I took that picture she had both arms up!
So the dealers were really annoying hemming and hawwing over the price and let me go ask my manager this and let me go ask my manager that. KSov came back in the truck after the 2nd place and was like..."I just want to go buy the suburban now! Just to be done with it!" We are both ready to be done with the process. Sometimes when you are trying to get a good deal you have to wait and research and be patient.
Oh and KSov got a new haircut too! Normally he does his typical military cut 0 to a 2 on top. But he had been letting it grow so he could get a different hair style. Well he left it long on top so its curly but they thinned it out and then short on the sides. I like it a lot! I tried to get a pic today when they gel'd it but couldn't, so maybe tomorrow.
Tomorrow we have some for sale by owners we are planning on going to see since its Sunday and no dealerships will be open.
Keep praying for a good deal on the right car for us!!

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