Thursday, January 14, 2010

Here's my Baby!!

A couple of quick lil videos I took on my phone. Here she is my screamer baby! I got her home tonight and fed her and then she was just screaching and screaming all over the place. It was cracking me up!

So here is the tally for tonight:

50 minutes on the treadmill

30 situps

10 side crunches on each side

10 girly push ups

15 reps with a 10lb dumbell in both hands.

Looking forward to having some guns!

My life is amazing, feeling good about my working out, my daughter is the happiest sweetest most smartest baby, my hubby is coming home early tomorrow and its the beginning of a three day weekend with snow on the forefront. I am looking forward to some cozy cuddling in front of a fire with my family! (That sounds like a Dr. Seuss book!)


1 comment:

Beth said...

LOL! Funny little lovebug! As long as she uses her inside voice when you all eat out...LOL!

*high five* on the workout!!! Good job! Have a wonderful weekend with your sweet family! We are supposed to get rain starting Sunday. Epic storms all week long...4-8" on the coast and up to 12" inland...whoa.