Sunday, January 3, 2010

I love my new Toys!

Our sweet lil girl is just cruising all around these days. Toddle Toddle Toddle here she comes down the hall. I took a bunch of videos yesterday of her wearing her new little boots! I was able to find them at Target and she looks so cute in them.

We also got her one present at Babies R s when we were there on Friday. Only spent twenty dollars seeing as though we just had Christmas. Funny because when she was born I don't remember it being this close to Christmas!

We have been looking at cars like crazy this weekend and last. Hopefully we will find something soon. We are waiting to hear back about one we saw at a dealer recently that had just been taken in. We looked at a Ford Explorer yesterday which reminded me a lot of my old Mazda. Anybody have any Ford Explorer stories? Good Bad Ugly?

Today I got to get the laundry done so I can start the new week and then hopefully head out to Winco to get a few groceries. Diapers and wipes definetely.

Last day of our three day weekend and its back to work tomorrow. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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