Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So Patient

He is such a patient boy our Briggsy. The other day this Lil Miss right here, well she decided she wanted to sit right in his "lap". So she sat down and positioned herself so she was sitting right there with him. At one point she even layed back against him, like he was a recliner. I think this pic was it, the camera went off to late, after she had decided he was that comfortable to recline against afterall.
Here she is with daddy softly petting our sweet Briggsy Boy. She was so pleased she got to do it by herself.

Mommy look at me I am sitting with the Doggy!

Here are some pics I took of her little outfit. Nothing new really just I was able to match the lil beanie with her pants and top. Then added the shoes.

I tried to get the matching gloves on her, but was lucky enough to capture this picture before we had taken our cap off! Sometimes it stays on but sometimes it comes off. The cap had the same turquiose color and pink in it. She is just so cute in her jacket. That was a 0-3 months jacket that Heidi got and we where it all the time because it matches so well. Although it is harder to buckle her in the car seat.

Not working out tonight because I went to bed sooo late last night and over slept thru my alarm clock this morning. But I do have to say that I did 60 situps and 40 side crunches last night! Yes that is 100 total. I am so proud of myself....wait....you can't tell can you???
Tonight , well actually today KSov picked up our new suv. Well new to us. We made a deal yesterday and got a 99 Ford Explorer, the V8 All Wheel Drive version. Its the limited edition so its nice inside with a bunch of neato features! He got the safety and IM done and register at the DMV and then tonight after I got home we had to go down and pick up the truck. We are thinking and hoping it will be a good lil truck for us. Now we have 2 Fords, a big one and a lil one!
So that is another reason why I am not working out, we got kinda late and Pooks got down to bed later than usual and we were SUPER busy at work today.
Found out that a local Utah bank went under on Friday and so we were soooo busy answering phones about rates and opening new accounts. My coworker didn't even get a lunch till like 400pm! So my feet are tired today and I am trying to get to bed a bit early.
But wanted to get a post of that cute baby of mine.
She is so darling in pics but let me tell you this child is coming into her own tiny personality she is so stubborn sometimes!!!
(I am absolutely sure she couldn't have gotten that from either her mother or father, no way nopes, uh-uh!) :)
Anyways I can share more later off to bed now!

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Beth said...

It's late, but I just had to log on and say how cute she is with Briggs. I am glad to hear that you picked up the Ford and are back to two vehicles again! I love you!