Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Can You tell...?

That I blog late at night. The sun has gone down, the babe is snug in her bed, the pooches are passed out (one is currently snuggling on the other side of daddy) daddy is reading and I am here blogging about.

I often times reread what I just blogged about the previous night and amazed of the incongruent thoughts! I am assuming you are understanding this tired worn out brain.

Often I am hurriedly trying to get some thoughts done about the day before I can lay back against my pillow and pick up my book for a few mintues before turning the light out for sleep.

Tonight seems especially rushed, after getting off work and picking up our darling daughter from daycare (where I might add she snuggled into Sherry and didn't want to come with me...which hurt her mommys feelings, lil stinker) I came home and started on dinner. I had planned on making Chicken Parmigiana (did I spell that right?? hmmm not going to worry about it) and I did make it however it is a bit time consuming, but oh so delicious. The sauce takes about 45 mintues because you have to put it together and then let it simmer for 30 minutes, and during that time you prep your chicken and boil your noodles and then fry your chicken and slice your cheese. When its all done with though it is super yummy.

KSov fed Grace while I cooked since she was apparently starving and was telling us all about it everytime I opened the refrigerator. Then after dinner I gave her a bath and put her to bed and then even though I really didn't want to get on the treadmill-I did.
50 minutes, 3.30 miles, 450 calories
80 sit ups and some leg lifts and stretching

Watched the Biggest Loser durng the workout, came upstairs finished the Biggest Loser episode, took a shower and now am blogging.
Now its time to say good night.
Nite Nite!

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Beth said...

Love the pics of Briggsy and lil sweet.