Thursday, February 11, 2010

Condo pics

Ok here are several pics of our condo we are staying at this week. Its pretty nice. I didn't get a pic of the stairs but they show up a lil bit in a video I took of Grace. Turns out she loves these stairs because a: they aren't as steep and b: she has access to them, unlike our stairs at home! Here is our bathroom upstairs.
This is the upstairs bedroom, behind those doors is a pull down full sized bed.

The other portion of our room with our tv and chair.

This is the downstairs bedroom which I thought was going to be a full as that was a surprise.

The living room with another pull out bed, fireplace and flat screen.
The kitchen which had most everything we needed. In fact I can't think of anything we have wished we needed so far, cooking wise.

The dining table, already crowded with all of our gear. Laptops, toys, snowboards...

Oh and here are some fun pics of Grace. I gave her an oreo cookie last night which she ate about half of. Meaning one cookie side. I found the other side with the cream still on it on the floor. I think she dropped it cookie side up and couldn't see it to finish eating it! We found these chocolate milk straws that are specially made to suck milk through and they have chocolate beads. I think they are called Santa's straws. A box of them was only 99 cents, and the milk is not super chocolately. She liked that a lot. Well plus she thinks she is a big girl and loves drinking water ot of our cups and will push her bottle away from us and grunt for a drink of ours!

She also will come up and push on my legs when she wants me to move out of the way or she wants something. Another thing she is doing right now is coming up to me and lifting her arms up to be held. I love that!

She walks really good now and runs really good too. Especially loves running away from us! We will say, "Get her, get her, get her!" And off she goes.

She loves cheese. She loves string cheese and and cheesy scrambled salsa eggs. She never believes us when we offer her something good to eat. You would think it was poison. We have to coax her to take a bite and then finally once we get that yummy morsel of food in her mouth, then she believes us and wants more! She is such a good eater too. She loves peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches too.
The lastest development is that she wants to climb stuff. She has climbed up on her pink little car standing with both feet on the seat and luckily did not fall before daddy saved her. She tried to climb the fireplace and us too. Oh and when we grab her hands to remove her from a situation where she is doing something she shouldn't be then she lifts her feet up and refuses to walk!
She also loves her blankies right now and will sometimes carry them around and likes to put them over her face when she sleeps.

Here she is playing with the fireplace with sticky cookie hands laughing at mommy because mommy is telling her not to!


SOVEREEN'S :) said...

Looks like you guys are headed for a fun weekend!

Beth said...

I was in Gracie update withdrawals! And now I am a happy Memaw! What a nice condo! Looks like you all are having a wonderful time!