Monday, February 22, 2010

Kick Your Heels, Stomp Your Feet!

So apparently this not viewing videos on blogspot is an ongoing problem and sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. I am considering some possible changes for sure if this continues.

KSov had a rough day of flying today. His first flight was orginally delayed 2 hours. Then when he arrived in his layover city there was a huge line of people waiting to reschedule their flights and his second flight was almost canceled but luckily he made it back east and called me at almost midnight his time. Poor guy I know he is beat.

Tonight I jumped on the treadmill again. Did a warm up and cool down and ran for a total of 3.6o miles. I did a few situps but I have to admit I fell off the situp bandwagon right before our snowboarding trip. But I am going to keep posting about working out so that you all can keep me on track. And if you don't read any work out updates shoot me a comment or something, saying, "Hey hows that going for you?" Ha ha then I will make sure I am sticking to it!

Ok its late I have to wrap this post UP! Night!

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Beth said...

Awww, love that cute video of her! So cute mama! Good job on treadmilling, too! *hug*