Saturday, February 20, 2010

My lil Helper

These pics I took on Friday night I think..after her bath. Thats her toothbrush, she loves hanging on to it and chewing it. Happy fresh clean baby.
Hmmm, now what do we have here??

I got those pj's 2 for 5.99 and they are 18months, with open footies and they can be closed footies too.

Most adorable ever!

Here is my helper baby today. We were cleaning up a lot today and I had the swiffer out. I came into the kitchen and there she was pushing it around.

This is a video of her cleaning. Let me know if you can't view it. I posted the other video on Thursday and whenever I have tried posting videos lately they don't show the image when they are finished uploading. So when I did the previous post I thought I would just put the video on anyway and see what happens. For me at least I was able to play the video. So if you can't view it, just let me know.

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