Friday, February 12, 2010

Vacation or Leper Colony?

So here it is Friday afternoon and we are almost done with our vacation up here in the mountains. So I thought I should give and update since I am feeling up to it.

This vacation has not been the most exciting ever...but it has been good.

We came up late Monday night because we had so much to do. One of the things I had to do was try to squeeze to see the Dr. I am sure you all are probably thinking, "What they are sick again???" It seems those Sovereens are always sick. And believe me, it seems that way to me too!

I used to never get sick and then it seems like the last 2 1/2 years I am always sick. But anyways, I had had a cold I thought but then on Saturday before the Superbowl I was just dragging. I culdn't get enough energy to do the laundry or get things cleaned for our party, so we did the bare minimum before our party and rested. So then on Monday when I was supposed to be feeling good enough to run around and hustle to get things ready for our trip I was still dragging. So we went to the dr and got some antibiotics and some prescription Sudafed. Grandma came up as well and she had gone to the dr on Monday too and she had no voice. Then on Tuesday morning Crystal (KSov's sister) called her mom and she was sick with the flu. She had been vomiting all night long and felt terrible and apparently so had his cousin Michelle, whom we had all been around for the SuperBowl party. So we were the sick crew up here in the mountains because Richard Janeen's beau was feeling queasy too.

Luckily Grace has been feeling fine and KSov felt better most of the week. I have been sleeping poorly but did manage to go with KSov on Wednesday snowboarding before Grandma went back home.

I will try to get small video I had KSov take of me boarding up and a few pics. It was fun and I ended the afternoon with a perfect dismount off the lift, and yes I slowed the lift down everytime.

I still don't feel like normal, still coughing a little bit and feeling stuffy and sometimes a lil quesy myself. I brought up 3 boxes Kleenex and have been using thm left and right! I suppose its better being sick here than at work. But let me ask why is it that everytime I go on vacation lately I get sick or both KSov and myself get sick going or coming???

We are planning on taking Grace outside in the snow today. She loves the snow and I have a little boys snowsuit that I got for her that was only 5.99. So I will get some pics of her in the snow.

Oh I hear the lil Monkey Moo, better go get her, she had a great nap today!

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