Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My My What a Clever girl

So mommy was cleaning up dinner tonight and I heard the clanging of the fireplace tools and I look over and see our little girl had climbed up onto the fireplace hearth. At first I thought she had used the dog bed for a bit of a boost. That was not the case because I took her down and then a few mintues later I spied a baby climbing up all by herself with no help from any dog beds. To make matters worse then she stood up and was doing her clogging dance stomp with mommy standing right there. Silly baby.
Tonight I made turkey burgers for her and I and she ate half of a turkey burger. She liked it, although I thought for the first time cooking them, that they were a bit bland and I will add more seasonings next time.
I was going to do my Yoga DVD tonight and not obsess with the treadmills and its many numbers, however, the playstation has not been hooked back up from our snowboarding trip and I can't do Yoga upstairs. (2 reasons for this are, the TV is too high on the wall and there is not enough room to do the poses, and we have our story cd in the dvd player, that if I take it out I will lose our spot...I guess that is technically three reasons.)
So I decided instead to get on the treadmill and do a "lite" workout. Do you think that happened? Well no it didn't. Although I did walk more then normal because I did talk to both KSov and my dad while I was huffing and puffing. So maaaybee it was a little bit lighter, but I still did 3.30 miles.
And now I am finishing up my post for tonight watching American Idol and about to go take a shower.
Hows your week going?

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