Thursday, February 4, 2010

I am Excited!

This is our Lil Monkey watching Sesame Street. I spent the last 2 nights trying to get this super cute video I took of her to upload. But after hours it would not. KSov is gone to Vegas and I will have to see if he has any idea when he gets back.

What you can't see is daddy. I think that is his arm. She was sitting on his chest! What a comfy place to plop your tiny lil baby heiney when your watching Sesame Street!
Silly babe.
So the last 2 nights I worked out hard. Tuesday night I ran for 35 mintues! I was really happy about that. I do believe that is the most I have ever run in my LIFE! It felt good. And I was planning on working out tonight like usual, but I am just plain beat. It has been such a busy week as a single mom this week. And I of course you know I am staying up way too late when my hubby isn't here.
I need to get some rest and get the rest of this stupid cold good and gone. The lil monkey is feeling better herself. She has been on antibiotics for her ear infection and has been trucking along. In fact tonight she hasn't made a peep since she fell asleep. This week and last she has been sleeping really restlessly, talking in her sleep and coughing and tossing and turning. So maybe this is the turning point for a good nights sleep for her.
Let me tell you how excited I am....
First tomorrow is Friday and then I am off next week and we are going snowboarding. I know I know I have maybe mentioned it a few times already. But I can't wait to see how I do on the slopes! The last time we went I was heavier and remember feeling really out of shape. I am hoping to last longer on the slopes and am looking forward to enjoying all the perks of the condos.
Speaking of being heavier. I am really excited because I am practically into my old jeans. I have had 2 pairs of jeans that were my favorite from when KSov and I got married. I was really in the best shape ever at that point in my life and didn't realize it. I still had a skewed view of my body and didn't appreciate all the hard work I had put in to getting there. Now I feel like stamina and excersise wise (thats not really a word you know) I am back to that same spot and am getting ready to take it further. The difference is I love how I look now and feel really good about myself. Don't get me wrong- I still have goals I want to achieve but they are achievable goals and front a different view point. For instance I want to have toned arms. I want some guns! Yeah! So soon you might see a pic of me in my old jeans!
Also I am so excited for this weekend because we are having a Superbowl party. Now some of you may know that I really don't care so much about football. And I don't have a favorite team, although if you want to drop a comment about who I should be rooting for, please do. But I am excited to have family over. We will be celebrating some birthdays and the Superbowl together.
I am thinking about making Guy Fieri's Jambalaya sandwhich. We made if for our last football party and it was sooo yummy. If I make it this time I will take pictures. Although you can get the receipe on the Food And I have been craving it a lil bit. But I need to price it out because I think it was expensive...just can't remember. We may also have Bean Dip and/or Pizza Dip and/or some Guacamole. The problem with guacamole is its sooo expensive to buy avocados for a big crowd. But I may do it because at Winco Avocados have been 33 cents each.
We will see, we got to run the numbers.
So those are the main things I am excited for....OH WAIT! One more, actually. I am soooo excited for my sweet husband to come home. He will be leaving some time tomorrow and driving back from Vegas.
Now all I have to do is make a million lists! I love lists....

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