Monday, February 1, 2010

Tubes it is.

I stayed home with Grace today. She had not been feeling well all week. Sleeping very lightly and coughing, like me. I was going to send her to school today and have KSov take her to the doc in the afternoon, after he finished his work he had to do. But when she woke she felt warm and she was super snotty. She was not feeling good at all. Really clingy and not herself. So I decided I would keep her home and stay with her and be the one to get her to the dr. Sure enough she has ANOTHER ear infection. My poor darling. We are officially going to get tubes put in.
The pediatrician has some referrals for us and we need to make some calls. That is what I will do this week. Poor baby, she just does NOT feel good at all. All day she was clinging to me and very snuggly. Which lately is not like her. She is normally so independent, with all of her running around.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that she will be getting tubes some time soon because of all these ear infections. Tomorrow will be the first day at the toddler room. Hopefully it will be a good day even though she isn't feeling so good.

Also KSov found he has to go to Vegas for the rest of the week. He is driving so we will be praying for a safe trip for him.

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