Friday, February 5, 2010

Her Poop is now fresh and Clean

Well folks, its official. Really now, I think its fair to say I am really now a proud parent. My sweet darling, laughing, giggling, toddling, adorable, hyper little girl pooped in the bath tonight.
All of you not yet parents have this to look forward to. I have heard poop stories before and was sure it would come eventually. As well, I am sure that I will have more poop stories to tell. But tonight is special because it is the first.
We were having an early bath so we could get to bed early and be nice and clean when daddy rolled in. (Which he did, safely by the way, thanks for the prayers)
And so we were just about to get out of the tub when we pushed up on the edge of the tub, paused, grunted and pooped.
Quite a lot actually.
Mommy, laughed and thought to herself, "What do I do!" You can't stick her in the tub it has poop in it! Luckily for us we have been using a tub in the tub. Which about a month ago I thought was a waste of money because I thought she really could be in the big tub now. But tonight I was glad for it! It made cleaning up that mess way easy. So I turned the faucet back on and stuck her under it and rinsed her lil bottom right off. I think she was a little scared of the running water because she was crying plus mommy was trying to make her stand up. But we got through it and then took her in to get diapered up. And then Daddy came in!
She sure did miss her daddy. She gave him lots of hugs and then she got extra play time with Daddy while mommy cleaned up the tub. Then daddy rocked her to sleep. He sure did miss his little girl.
Tonight we are both beat. KSov had to get up early in Vegas and he didn't get much sleep the night before. Then he had to drive back home to Salt Lake and then go back out and do 2 service calls!
He finally got in around 7:30. What a day, but now its vacation time!! Well first rest by going to bed early.
I will try to remember to post some pictures of the truck tomorrow. We've got tons to do but I am so excited to!

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