Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Even more Vacation Pics

I adore these 2 people right here... It was so precious, Daddy was rubbing her arm and her eyes just got heavier and heavier.
And soon she was FAST asleep, in her daddy's arms.

Hello adorable baby. She was sitting on my lap and watching a Sesame Street game. And look at those cute feet in the background! Yeah those are mine, I won't lie... :P

KSov and his sister, such a beautiful girl who refuses to take pictures, but they were on their way to go board.

Last week we were on vacation and sick and even though I had VERY good intentions to work out. I did not..at all. So today it was back to work, and tonight it was back to working out. I have to say that I started out on the treadmill and walked out for 10 mintues, and then I ran for 30 mintues. Then, the next thing I know it was over and I had gone for 3.13 miles. Then I walked for another 15 and burned a total of 500 calories. Hopefully by spring I will be able to do a 5k! Anyway, feeling good and was proud of myself for getting right back on track after vacation.

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Beth said...

What sweet pics of Grace and her daddy. Kudos for getting back on the treadmill! You rock! :-) I am so proud of you, sweetie!