Saturday, February 6, 2010

What a cutie

This is tonight. We went to dinner in a hurry because this little girl was cranky! But she sure does look cute!

Pookie and her Daddy
Finally pictures of our "new" Ford Explorer. I love it. It has been perfect for us. The cd player and there is another 6 disc player in the center console.

The steering wheel with cruise control functions and a volume control.

The passenger seat, check out those leather seats with the heated seats. ;)

We took these right before we left for dinner tonight.

My eyes are open! lol

I have high hopes that this truck will be good for us. It even has the code like our big truck so we can lock the keys in the car and warm it up in the winter mornings.

Today KSov and I were both beat! Hopefully we will wake up feeling more rested tomorrow, because we have a lot to do and didn't do anything at all today. Although KSov told me tonight that he thinks we can't check in to the condo on Monday until the afternoon like 2 or 4pm. So that makes me feel better, since we will be able to pack on Monday morning and do our grocery shopping right before we head up. I did start some of my lists today. I made a packing list for our trip. Mine, KSov's, Grace's and Random stuff we will need. Still have to do a menu plan for tomorrow and a menu plan for our trip. Clean the house tomorrow, but that shouldn't be too hard. Also I have to do laundry, which also shouldn't be too hard either, we won't have a lot.
Well thats all for tonight!

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Beth said...

I love your new "truck". It looks brand new! Such cute pics of you beside it! And of course sweet Grace. I love the one with her Daddy too! So cute. Everything will get done in time for your trip! :)