Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Updates

Check us out we finally have some new blinds window. Ha ha we took our Home Depot Gift cards that we have been saving and finally went to Home Depot and bought some blinds. I actually thought KSov wasn't going to put them up till next weekend because we spent all Saturday getting the guest room cleaned out for Crystal to rent. But he didn't want to tack up the sheet again! Here is the other box we got for the front kitchen window. We were going to orginally do wood stained blinds. I thought that you could get the Faux ones but in a wood color, but they weren't not as inexpensive, so once I realized that then we chose the white ones. This way we can get more bang for our buck. We bought 2 windows worth. We also looked into to doing 2 side by side narrow blinds for the sliding glass door, because we both hate those vertical hanging blinds for doors. Besides 2 German Shepherds and a toddler are NOT good for those. But when we talked about it at Home Depot, the gal said that, it's probably not a good idea to do it like that because you would have to duck under the blinds even when they were pulled up all the way. Because it would be a min of about 72 inches. We realized that she was probably right especially for tall people like KSov. So we need to come up with another plan for the sliding glass door.

KSov is going to New York tomorrow. Seems like he was just gone and off he goes again. But its good training he gets to learn. Then next weekend KSov's sister Crystal will be moving into the bottom basement.
I have 2 new videos I was going to post tonight and if I can't get them to work then I have to email blogspot and see what the deal is. KSov seems to think its the site that is causing the problem.


Absolute Blinds said...

Congrats on your new blinds purchase. I know what you mean about hating verticals. If you think you hate the way they look, try installing them! I would suggest drapes. A nice looking rod and decorative fascias can look very nice and can be done for about the price you would pay for vertical blinds.

Beth said...

Yay for blinds! I know you are glad to start getting them on your windows and take down the sheets.

Love the new videos too! Just can't get enough of that sweet girl!

Happy that you got the room cleaned out and ready for Crystal to move in too!