Monday, April 19, 2010

Surgery Day

Friday morning came and we headed up to Primary Childrens, it was such a long process getting Grace checked in and ready for her surgery. Here she is playing in the Pre-Op Toy room. She absolutely loved that little kitchenette. Then she saw the baby in the high chair (which you can't see here in this pic) and she exclaimed, "Baby!" and ran over to pull it out. The dr came and talked to us and then the anestheologist came over and took Grace. I was so surprised she went so quietly with him. I was expecting tears and screams and reaching for mommy but he was so good and was showing her stuff and no tears at all. Which made mommy glad because then I didn't cry! Off we went down the hall to the waiting room for the parents. It made me so nervous being in that room with all those parents. I knew we were there for a simple surgery for our daughter but I wondered how many children where there for serious reasons. Grace's surgery was only 20 mintues long, literally! I sent KSov down to the cafeteria to get me some food. (Let me tell you this baby gets hungry around 10am. My cereal doesn't stick till lunch!) By the time KSov and I were done eating our breakfast he brought up, the dr was in five mintues later telling us the surgery was done and everything went smoothly. Shortly after that I was called down to post op and she was waking up from the surgery. They call it Toddler Rage and that is exactly what it was. Poor thing she was breaking my heart. She kept bleeding from her nose and shaking her head, but she fell asleep in my arms and then we walked over with her bed to the other post op room with the rocking chairs and low lights. She slept off her drugs and woke up kind of dazed but was able to drink some juice, so then we left. We left the hospital about 11:30 and headed for home. KSov had a service call that he had to get to and so we split up. I took the Lil Miss home where she tossed and turned and fell asleep and then woke up mad then fell asleep again.
Isn't she so precious, poor thing was snuggling with mommy. Then KSov brought home some lunch around 100pm and she woke up and was hungry. Of course she was she hadn't eaten since the previous night. We gave her some pudding and cheese and bananas and whatever she wanted that wouldn't hurt her throat. After she ate then she played and cuddled with us on the bed and that was nice. I could tell she was getting sleepy again so down she went for her nap around 230 and slept till like 430. When she woke up she was her ole chipper self!

We took her to KFC and gave her some yummy mashed potatoes and she ate like she was famished! Then we went over to Rite Aid to get her prescriptions and she was running all over the place exploring and feeling great!
She is sooo funny right now. I will have to tell you about our weekend in my next post, about her new words and how silly she was this weekend. It was great and beautiful weather, amazing! God is so good! Thanks for all your prayers!


Beth said...

I can't wait to hear about the rest of her weekend! The pictures are precious of her...she looks so snuggly and so adorable of her playing before! I'm thankful she bounced back so quickly!

SOVEREEN'S :) said...

Poor little girl:( No fun at all! I hope she heals quickly and her spirits pick up quick. I will send energy vibes your way, so you can keep up:)