Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I gave the Lil Miss my cell phone to play with while I got her all diapered up tonight. (Poor thing has a bad diaper rash from her antibiotics) and so it was good to keep her occupied while I painted that bottom white!

She was so precious, everytime she saw the pic I have of her on her cell phone display she would say, "Baby!" and then point to herself! It was adorable!

Today I was "on one". Everything made me super irratable and I ate way to much pizza on top of it! (Although it was delicious and only $2.00!)

Daddy was so great and took the Lil Miss to daycare and picked her up because I had to close. Then we chit chatted and listened to Dave Ramsey for a little while and now we are watching 24 and going to bed soon!



i can't believe how much she's growing up :) and i love it when her face lights up when she she's daddy! haha, the true center of every little girls heart!

Beth said...

She will be chattering in no time. That is so cute! Baby and Daddy! She is at the age that she will pick up so many words quickly with a little prompting! Such a sweetheart. Kisses from Memaw!