Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Night Madness....

...Or just our house?

Thanks Everyone! We are so excited.

Today was a busy day. KSov was up early to get his paperwork finished and an early start on a job. Thank goodness he was able to finish early and wprk on our washing machine. We were so busy this weekend I didn't mention that when he put a load in on Friday it didn't finish and was half full of water!

Thank God that my husband is amazing and can fix our washing machine and was able too! Apparently gianormous bobby pins are bad for them...who knew??

We had asparagus, au gratin potatoes (from a box) and grilled pork chops tonight for dinner. The Lil Miss pre gamed by having a whole banana and practically the whole thing of a yogurt. The girl can seriously put down some ood when she is hungry, and she did eat her fair share of aspargus, pork chops and potatoes too!

I wonder if she has a tape worm in there??? ;)

Right now there is a winter storm warning from 4pm today till 9am tomorrow morning. Its super windy out there and when I took the recycling out the screen few out of my hand. Luckily we are cozied up in bed getting to watch 24 and eat some frozen yogurt! YUM!

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